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  • Limestone base CR(Chloroprene)polymer
    Limestone base CR(Chloroprene)polymer

    It is our pride that Jako neoprene is made out of Limestone based CR polymer. Limestone, consisting of over 99% calcium carbonate, is originally for construction cement but made a enormous progress with a wider adoption to a number of industrial fields even with extension to daily life sectors as well, `thanks to its environment-friendly property. You take the opportunity to make your products be more particular and valuable one by accepting the highest purity of limestone base neoprene.

  • Creative pioneer in research and development.
    Creative pioneer in research and development.

    Innovative laboratory fully armed with high-tech machinery is one of our pride, accelerating the trial and study for new materials. Besides, we newly equipped with a line of brand-new experimental machine to analyze the composed substances of neoprene. this new set of equipment enables us to recognize how stably is chemical reaction completed during manufacturing process, because chemical reaction is the key-point for the high quality of neoprene. We certainly say that state-of-the art experimental facility encourages us to keep running towards innovation.

  • Categorized property in details.
    Categorized property in details.

    Ranging from extremely soft types to the highly dense one Jako produces a variety of foams to fit your high-grade standard. They were all designed independently aiming at selected purpose each. Jako foam has been evolved rapidly for the past 25years in a various usage beginning from water sports, land base sports, medical care products and even to industrial purpose.