Unlimited Performance and Comfort

Your Trial Of Jako Exclusive Foam Make
The Products Way Different From Others

  • Chloroprene(CR)

    Jako's 30year history certifies the unbeatable quality ranging
    from ultra elongation Neoprene to high dense ones.

    • Environment-focus Limestone base
    • Sophisticatedly classified Neoprene by its function.
    • Ultra soft grade with improved durability.
    • High density foam designed for durability-required products.
  • SCA Coating
    SCA Coating

    SCA rubber is one of the noticeable material with particularized
    treatment of Polyurethane coating on skin rubber. This material
    gets you be amazed by its dramatic functions.

    • Best sliding and abrasion free.
    • Very comfortable putting on and taking off suits.
    • Ideal for sealing against water
    • Eeast water friction in the race
    • Quick dry and better thermal protection.
  • Digital Printing on fabric
    Digital Printing on fabric

    Digital printing is one of the most exciting developments in the textile industry.
    It opens up to the endless opportunities for customized design,
    small run printing, short working process

    • No MOQ(test sample available)
    • Develop new design at customers' needs
    • Realization of perfect color clearance.
  • Radial Skin
    Radial Skin

    Excellent choice for the most abrasion resistant parts and products like dry suit,
    knee pad and high abrasion exposure parts. We make the material be the very
    durable condition by applying CR latex substance on nylon surface.

    • Remarkable anti-abrasion
    • Superior durability
    • Upgraded resistance to water pressure
    • Perfect water proof
  • MHC (Heat compression)
    MHC (Heat compression)

    Market grades high on compressed(crushed)rubber for its advanced function
    like upgraded compression set sustainable for high water pressure and thinner
    enough for easy motion under water. Anyone who look for dry suit with the
    most water pressure resistance Jako compressed foam must be the perfect
    choice undoubtedly.

    • Make it possible to activate easily in deep down the water as it stands much better
      against high water pressure and crushed as thinner as it could be for easy activity.