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  • Surfing suits, Diving suits
    Surfing suits

    Jako's extremely hyper-stretch neoprene has been reputed to the high-end level, providing suit makers with the best materials performing full mobility, ultimate comfort and flexibility.
    Beside this, a variety of jersey lines will make our neoprene more special and offer you wide selection fitting to your design.

    Diving suits

    In today's diving suits, divers' preference to stretchiness is getting clearer than ever as they consider more flexibility and comfort in motion than other conditions and Jako has been taking an initiative to be a perfect choice for you.
    Beside this, a variety of jersey lines will make our neoprene more special and offer you wide selection fitting to your design.

  • Immersion suits
    Immersion suits

    Specialized rubber foam is produced performing particular function like water-proof protecting the wearer from hypothermia in cold water and better flotation as well as thermal protection extending a person's survival by several hours.
    Besides, fire-retardant treatment on the foam ensures better safety of lives at emergency.

  • Triathlon suits, Free-diving suits
    Triathlon suits

    Jako neoprene for triathlon offers you great elongation of a comfortable fit and compression toreduce muscular fatigue and ensure maximum freedom of movement. The high buoyancy smooth skin rubber keeps you warm and provides optimum amount of flotation for efficient swimming.
    Especially, our SCA rubber combined with triathlon suit neoprene enables you to be sensed least friction against water and dry fast.

    Free-diving suits

    Best fit and comfort is the key point for ideal free-diving suits and our foam is the most right model for it and also the outer slick smooth skin causes the less friction.
    Combined with SCA rubber you can witness amazing benefits such as upgraded heat protection, higher durability, quick dry and water-resistance.

  • Spear-fishing suits
    Spear-fishing suits

    Our neoprene will never get you be disappointed in providing with the right conditioned material for spear-fishing suits which requires perfect fitting, comfort and warmth protection.
    Besides, a variety of camouflage jersey with colorful design lined up for the wide choice.

  • Vulcanized boots and gloves
    Vulcanized boots and gloves

    Qualified neoprene for all kinds of boots and gloves is provided. Especially, rubber for vulcanized boots is on daily production with its certified quality of durability onvulcanization.

  • Land base sports, Essential materials to our lives
    Land base sports

    Neoprene make the fast pace even to the field of land base sports like hiking, cycling, motor bikes as well as golf, skiing and fishing in high popularity by the reason of mult-functional performance such as elasticity, comfort as well as superior durability.
    We serve you with the right fit materials incredibly for all the various needs at the market.

    Essential materials to our lives

    Now, we can assure that neoprene is a part of lives we go together. Being harmonized with every corner of lives, neoprene present us with unforgettable convenience and efficiency. Jako promise you that we create the ideas for great expansion of neoprene into all the homes we live in.